Why we have the only FDA-Cleared Viral Barrier

  • We have the ONLY ultrasound probe covers FDA-Cleared to be labeled as “viral barriers”*
  • We are the ONLY company to test the full length of our probe cover during viral barrier testing! Other tests use a only small piece of material—not the whole product!—which may not include seams or other potentially weak areas.
  • Sheathing Technologies products have a LOWER AVERAGE defect rate (< 0.4 %) than our competitors, which have been tested in independent studies as having an average leakage rate varying from 2.3% to 65%.
  • Our first-in-class Viral Barrier product EXCEEDS even the barrier standards for condoms

          *In vitro testing shows that the probe cover provides a viral barrier from viruses 20 nm in diameter or larger while the probe cover remains intact without leakage.


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