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We have the world's only FDA-cleared Viral Barrier Ultrasound Probe Covers, which provide a barrier to all known human viruses. Our Sheathes3D™ Viral Barrier seamless latex-free ultrasound probe cover options are available in all sizes!

Elastics for Sheathes Ultrasound Probe Covers
Non-Latex or Latex
Part No. Description
10060 Sheathes, Latex Elastics, 3/8"D (0.9cm), Black, Non-Sterile, Bulk Bag of 100 +
10095 Sheathes, Latex-Free O-Rings, 5/8"D (1.5cm), Non-Sterile, Bulk Bag of 100 +
20070 Sheathes, Latex-Free Elastics, 5/16"D (0.8cm), Clear, Non-Sterile, Bulk Bag of 100 +
20072 Sheathes, Latex-Free Elastics, 3/8"D (0.9cm), Clear, Non-Sterile, Bulk Bag of 100 +
20075 Sheathes, Latex-Free Kraton Elastics, 5/8"D (1.5cm), Neon Green, Non-Sterile, Bulk Bag of 100 +
Elastic bands and O-rings
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