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Our economically priced Sheathes Latex “condom size” Body-pack Covers will provide the protection you need from perspiration and water which will extend the life of the body-pack and reduce replacement/repair costs.


Sheathes Latex “condom size” Body-pack Covers are Latex, 1¼”D x 8″L, Condom size, Rolled and come in three types of packaging for your convenience. 

Using our Sheathes Latex “condom size” Body-pack Covers in your music or theatre production will add years to the life of your wireless body-pack equipment.


You will appreciate how easy it is to place an order, how quickly you receive it & how easy it is to use.


Order Your Sheathes Latex Body-pack Covers TODAY!


Sheathes Latex "condom size" Body-pack Covers

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