50040-26484 Endocavity

50040-26484 Endocavity

Ultrasound Probe Cover with 2 Elastics


Individually Wrapped, Non-Latex, Sterile, Vaginal/Rectal

Packaging: 10/Bag - Rolled
Length: 48"L (122cm)
Size: 7/8"D Tapered to 4"W (2.2cm Tapered to 10.2cM)

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What other Clinicians are saying:

"Approximately 6 months ago we switched from a standard non-latex probe cover to the Sheathes 3D Seamless Viral Barrier Pre-gelled non-latex product. We made the decision to switch to this product because we feel it was a disservice to the patient to not use a probe cover that has been approved as a HPV viral barrier."

Supervisor, Ultrasound / Vascular Imaging