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At Sheathing Technologies, we take great pride in the quality of our products, how they impact the lives of our clinicians and their patients, and how our products optimize the safety of ultrasound procedures. We invite you to read these testimonials from our loyal clinicians.

Adhesive Patch Ultrasound Probe Covers for UGPIVs

We were absolutely thrilled to bring Sheathes into our facility. The product is easy to apply and works well on all of our probes; it is perfect for our Vascular Access Team. The customer service we have received is top notch, which makes the product even better! Everyone has been so attentive to our questions and needs. There has never been a delay in communication and the follow-up has been perfect. This (customer service) team truly understands the importance of client needs.

Kristin, RN Vascular Access Team

The customer service has been outstanding.

Well, the best testimonial I have is all about you and the service you have provided since we started using your product! We made the switch to your Seamless Viral Barrier Contour Curved End Ultrasound probe cover about one and half years ago and we have been very happy with its reliability and performance since we started using it. More importantly, the customer service we have received has been outstanding from the beginning. The Sales Team has been a pleasure to work since the introduction of your product to our lab. We hope to continue using your product for years to come.

David, Team Lead, Interventional Radiology

We are loving these adhesive probe covers.

We use them to guide non-sterile injections. We are loving these adhesive probe covers! Our office is latex free and we were struggling to find latex-free probe covers that were not big and baggy. Because they are adhesive, they can fit on any size probe from any manufacturer. We use them mostly on linear probes but have put them on hockey stick probes, curved probes, and even physiologic Doppler probes when using on non-intact skin. What our providers love about them is that when we are using them to guide injections, they do not get in the way like most baggy probe covers do.

Erica, Operations Specialist, Vascular Surgery and Vein Center

The perfect solution.

Our radiologists really liked the ability to have a sterile cover for our transducers without requiring gel between the cover and transducer. They disliked the traditional covers which required gel inside, because the gel always seemed to shift to the side losing contact. They also liked the shorter length available with the new covers. It was a perfect solution to keeping the transducer sterile in ultrasound guided in office procedures.

Leslie, RDMS, Ultrasound Lead

The cost savings is amazing.

We used a particular probe cover for years that was more than what we needed as well as costly. When the Sales Team presented her Sheathe products, I was hesitant. Thankfully as a sales rep, she was persistent but not pushy. We have switched to their product. I especially like the length of the probe/cord cover. The cost savings is amazing considering that we use them for almost every case we do in Interventional Radiology, Venous Care Center and the Cardiac Cath lab. Thank you so much.

Deana, RTRCV, Interventional Radiology / Cardiac Cath Lab

Very convenient, easy to use.

Pre gel probe covers are very convenient, easy to use, low cost, and non-latex. As to the transport and storage for endocavitary, they are low cost and great products with a barrier sealing bag.

Fernando, Lead RDMS, Ultrasound Department

Customer service has been great.

Approximately 6 months ago we switched from a standard non-latex probe cover to the Sheathes 3D Seamless Viral Barrier Pre-gelled non-latex product. They sent us several different samples and the sonographers decided which product they liked best. We made the decision to switch to this product because we feel it was a disservice to the patient to not use a probe cover that has been approved as a HPV viral barrier. We are pleased that this product is pre-gelled and less expensive than the product we used in the past. Customer service has been great.

Don, Supervisor, Ultrasound / Vascular Imaging

Makes clean up super-efficient.

We really enjoy using the Seamless Adhesive Ultrasound Probe Covers by Sheathing Technologies. It is a quick easy system that leaves no sticky residue. This helps us take better care of our probes because they stay cleaner longer. The length is perfect. We don’t have access cover material getting in the way of the field and it makes clean up super-efficient. There are no air bubbles and no artifact which was a concern when we heard we did not need to put gel on the probe before we attach the cover, but low and behold perfect picture!!

Rick, Lead Anesthesia Tech

They roll on easily and stay put.

We have used a variety of Sheathes probe covers for the past 20 years. We used the latex probe covers for years and years and never had a problem with them. They roll on easily and stay put once they are placed on the probe. They are durable – never rip or tear. We have tried other brands but they are not as durable and don’t roll on as easily as the sheathes do! Recently we changed to the non- latex, viral barrier probe covers. They are easy to slide on to the probe as well and it makes us feel good knowing we are giving that extra protection to our patients.

Monique, Ultrasound Manager, IVF Clinic

We love the new covers

We love the new covers, no issues and we don’t foresee any. Love the entire probe coverage, powder free, white cover package and ease of placing on & off probe.

Joe, Lead Ultrasound Sonographer

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What other Clinicians are saying:

"Approximately 6 months ago we switched from a standard non-latex probe cover to the Sheathes 3D Seamless Viral Barrier Pre-gelled non-latex product. We made the decision to switch to this product because we feel it was a disservice to the patient to not use a probe cover that has been approved as a HPV viral barrier."

Supervisor, Ultrasound / Vascular Imaging